Providing real estate buyers with a unique and innovative way of doing business by helping our clients before, during and after a land sale.

Ranch Locator Company provides real estate buyers with a unique way of doing business by helping our clients before, during and after a land sale. Selecting the right property is time consuming and can be complicated by decisions that need to be made. Our company streamlines the process, thus saving you time and money. We work the entire State of Texas to locate ranches that fall within your parameters and preview them with skeptical eyes to find that jewel in the rough.


Let Ranch Locator Company do the time consuming field work. You can be confident that we will find you a great property.

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Our vast experience covers ranching, real estate, hunting, livestock, and land management. Our evaluations of ranches is our proudest offering. Since we are working for you, it will be a truly unbiased evaluation of the real estate.


With over 76 years of combined experience, you can trust us to know what you look for in ranch real estate. We start off by evaluating your needs and desires in a ranch, and then find exactly what you need.


We do the research, road work, and on-site inspections on your behalf. By letting us complete the time-consuming search queries, you will save time and money.


Not only will we guide you through the entire ranch acquirement process, we can help to manage or act as consultants for your ranch after the purchase. All land is dynamic and changing. How the ranch is handled in the future is vital to your intended use. Take advantage of our knowledge.

Holman Hunts: Adventures in Ranching and Real Estate

Newest Properties


2,565 acres

Leon County — 2,565 Acres
This outstanding property is located roughly half way between Houston and Dallas and about 45 miles from Bryan/College Station. Any cattleman will see this ranch and walk away smiling ear to ear. The owners have done everything right to maximize production of livestock while at the same time enhancing the wildlife potential and natural beauty […]

89 acres

Muldoon Ranch — 88.5 acres
This raw property is 85% wooded in a remote area of the county with paved road frontage and large neighbors. There is a slight roll to the surface. Predominately sandy soils. Heavy tree cover consists of mainly post oak but also cedar, American elm, cedar elm, black jack oak, hickory, some water oak and live […]
$ 6,498/acre

145 acres

Rock Island Ranch — 145 Acres
This property is mostly open and flat with a few scattered live oak. Currently used for grazing livestock. There is a small set of useable cattle pens near the entry on the northwest corner. It has paved frontage and there is a public water line near the northeast corner. The seller has informed broker to […]
$ 6,000/acre

204 acres

Bastrop County-204 acres
This ranch is roughly 85% heavy woods. About one-fifth of the tract, near Jeddo Road, is fairly flat with heavy, dark, mostly clay soils. Brush here consists of mesquite, cedar elm, hackberry, bois-d-arc with some live oak. The eastern four-fifths of the land has a series of substantial hills along the south boundary, and is […]

2,300 acres

Hunting Ranch – 2,300 acres
There are two ways to make a great real estate investment.  One obvious way is to acquire land below the average market price for the region.  The other manner is to acquire land for a fair price, even if it is on the high side, if land has outstanding attributes which makes it stand apart […]
$ 4,600/acre
West Point Ranch 007West Point Ranch 002

35 acres

Fayette County — 35.44 acres
This tract has the perfect mix of openings and woods for good use by either livestock or wildlife. Band of thick woods along draw plus scattered large post oak trees around the pond area gives the property a nice contrast. Easy access. Good sloping surface. Large pond.   Directions At West Point on U.S. Highway […]


Support and Advice, Even Down the Road

Once the purchase is made, how the ranch is handled in the future will be the key to your enjoyment. We can help to manage or act as consultants for your ranch after the purchase.

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