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The easiest way to explain how Ranch Locator Company (RLC) works is to begin by describing how we do not work. We do not have an office that approaches area landowners attempting to get listings and sell their land. That is the traditional role of real estate brokers, and in that model, the broker represents the seller and puts the seller’s interests first.

RLC works primarily for buyers and work the entire State of Texas. We put the interests of our buyers first.


To get started, a buyer need to discuss what they are seeking with RLC or fill out the form on our Find My Ranch page. Then RLC gets to work finding properties that fit your parameters.

The search begins with Internet listings, then phone calls to real estate contacts cultivated throughout the years. Site visits are scheduled and we take advantage of time in the area visit with local brokers, look at local newspapers and drive the area to locate land for sale by owner to leave no stone unturned in finding your perfect property.

Buyers often ask RLC to send over a list of ranches for sale. That would be nearly impossible. We use multiple tactics and work the entire state to bring ranches to you. Why limit your choice to listings by dealing with a traditional broker when RLC can show you a much larger selection?


When you are ready to make an offer, RLC works hand in hand with you through the process. RLC structures the written contract and can suggest lenders if needed. Once the closing occurs, RLC will work for one year post purchase as property consultants (see our post sale page).

In summary, we do the leg work and save you time and thus money. We sift through undesirable properties and bring to your attention only the tracts that fit your parameters. We visit each ranch in person, take extensive photos then report back to you. If those seem of interest, then we can arrange a site visit.


In most cases all of the above is free to the buyer. You read that correctly. RLC only gets paid if the buyer client closes on a tract of land that RLC has found for the buyer. That payment is taken out of the sellers proceeds at closing.

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