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All real estate brokers have passed extensive educational requirements. All are bound by law to be honest, put the interests of their clients first and to be professional with all of their work. For years, sellers have called on real estate brokers to help market their property. Why not get professional help if you are a buyer?

RLC has worked with real estate brokers that were retired housewives, sheriffs, school teachers, coaches, insurance salesmen, retired military, truck drivers, home builders and auto mechanics. Most were sincere and hard working. But think about it, if you are looking for a ranch, wouldn’t you want to have a broker with a ranching background help you? How about hunting property? Do you think someone with a formal degree in Wildlife Science would be a good person to have on your side?

This is what sets our company apart – background and experience.

Investing in property is completely different than buying a home. The main thing to consider is the property’s intended use. Ranch Locator Company has the expertise to look at soil type, geography and type of water available to determine if those factors support the intended use. Even more specifically, RLC can bring a technical eye to the vegetation on the property to evaluate wildlife and hunting potential versus recreational tracts. Often questions arise with easements, mineral rights, oil & gas and livestock leases, structures, fencing, farm equipment, livestock, etc. RLC has decades of experience in Farm and Ranch real estate transactions as well as being lifetime ranchers and hunters.Any broker can show you a listing and complete the necessary paperwork in the transaction. Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to have a Farm and Ranch specialist on your side?

As a Ranch Locator Company client, we work with you for one year post sale to help you make decisions about managing your property. You can also follow our blog, Holman Hunts, to learn more.

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