Hunting Ranch – 2,300 acres


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$ 4,600/acre
2,300 acres
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  • 2,300 acres
  • $ 4,600/acre

There are two ways to make a great real estate investment.  One obvious way is to acquire land below the average market price for the region.  The other manner is to acquire land for a fair price, even if it is on the high side, if land has outstanding attributes which makes it stand apart from “common” properties.  This second approach best frames this property.  This ranch is not being advertised except on this web site and its location will be vague.  It is not listed with any other real estate broker.  I simply know the landowner quite well and the gentleman said he would sell it.  Sometimes owners decide to let a ranch go and they do not wish to advertise the fact.  That’s the story here.  

Approximately 2,300 acres asking price $4,600 per acre ($10,580,000).  This ranch is situated where the Gulf Coast Plain meshes with the Post Oak Savannah and these habitats give way to the South Texas Plains noted for big bodied and large antlered whitetail deer. 

One of the most critical aspects of what I evaluate when I preview ranches is plant diversity.  This property has some of the most diverse tree and brush cover I have ever seen in roughly 19 years in the ranch real estate industry.  Post oak, cedar elm, hackberry and century old giant live oaks that you typically see in Central Texas blend in with the classic protein enriched browse plants of South Texas such as granjenjo, black brush and kidney wood.  The South Texas brush predominates. 

No matter where you travel in this world, the most fertile soils are along creeks and rivers.  This ranch has over four miles of a nice creek traversing through the middle of it.  Away from the creek riparian habitat, the surface of the ranch has a very nice roll creating small hills and hidden valleys that add beauty to the entire package.

 The current landowner has done everything by the book in regards to enhancing the brush.  He has created over 40 miles of interior roads and trails via roller chopping and shredding lanes with periodic cul-de-sacs and wider openings that blend in naturally and creates hundreds of acres of “edge effect”.  These clearings and roads have been cleaned up nicely where most are now simply grass and forbs and not stumps or regrowth brush.   A lot of work has been done, and the work has been done right.  Many of the larger clearings are used for winter food plots for deer and turkey, plus late summer and early fall food plots to attract doves.  As you might guess, all of this work has benefited the quail population as well.  Besides the large flocks of turkey and swarming dove there are hundreds of bobwhite on this ranch.

 When the current owner first acquired this tract, his intention was to erect a game fence.  Once he determined the neighbors were all large ranches which little or no hunting, he decided to leave the fences as they were.

 The owner has deer breeder pens at a different property and for the last several years he has transferred dozens of genetically enhanced young bucks and doe to this ranch.  In addition, there has been a rigorous buck culling program in effect.  The owner has seen the overall quality of mature bucks skyrocket.  Whoever invests in this land will not have to wait 5+ years to develop trophy animals.  They will be stepping into a deer herd that has reached its peak with quality antlers.

 There have been two lakes dug and both have water wells nearby with solar panels allowing the wells to flow 24 hours per day as supplement to natural rain runoff into the lakes.

 The headquarters has a nice modern home that is geared to handle a large group of people (lot of bunk beds).  It has a small pool to relax in during the hot months and a large metallic barn with plenty of space for tractors, other equipment and feed.  The headquarters has been well thought designed.

 From the Houston area, the final prime asset for this property is driving distance.  My estimate for the Houston to ranch trip time is 2.5 hours.

 If you wish to see a Five Star Ranch regarding quality of browse, soils, plant diversity, water, headquarters, trophy bucks and close to the Houston area, then please contact me.  You will not be disappointed.